Eugene Puritch, P.Eng., FEC, CET (President)

Mr. Puritch is a professional mining engineer licenced in five Canadian Provinces with 40 years experience in engineering and operations of open-pit and underground mines. Assignments have taken him throughout Canada, Central and South America, Australia, Africa, Russia, Eastern Europe, China, South Korea and Mongolia. Gold, silver, base metal, PGM, and iron deposits have been the focus with projects ranging from small underground narrow vein to large open-pit multi-element properties.

Mr. Puritch is a specialist in geological modeling and mine design and has extensive experience in the use of Gemcom, Whittle, and AutoCad software packages. Many underground and open-pit mineral resource estimates, optimizations and mine designs were developed for Preliminary Economic Assessments and Feasibility Studies. He has co-authored more than 300 NI 43-101 technical reports as a Qualified Person on gold, silver, base metal and PGM deposits.

Was recently chairman of the Professional Engineers of Ontario Sub Committee to update the GUIDELINES for engineers who PROVIDE REPORTS ON MINERAL PROJECTS. For more than 10 years, he has been an active member of the PEO EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS COMMITTEE FOR MINING ENGINEERS.

Andrew Bradfield, P.Eng. (Chief Operating Officer)

Mr. Bradfield is a mining engineer with over 35 years of technical, operations, management and corporate experience in the Mineral Resource industry. He has held various positions at mines in Australia, Canada, China, Ethiopia, Mali, the Philippines, South Africa and Sweden, and has worked for several consulting engineering firms, including SRK. For the 10 years prior to joining P&E, he was the Vice President Operations or Chief Operating Officer at several junior mining companies, including Avion Gold Corporation.

Mr. Bradfield's experience includes mine start-up, development and operations, technical and financial evaluations, and royalty transactions. He has been involved in numerous Preliminary Economic Assessment studies, Prefeasibility and Feasibility reports, and has authored a variety of NI 43-101 technical reports. He holds a Bachelor of Science (honours) in Mining Engineering from Queen's University.

Greg Robinson, P.Eng., MBA (Lead Mining Engineer)

Mr. Robinson is a professional mining engineer with over 10 years of underground and open pit experience at operations across Canada and Australia in commodities including coal, base metals, diamonds and precious metals. He holds MBA degrees from Cornell University and Queen’s University, and specializes in financial modelling and trade-off studies; as well as the design and optimization of blasting, mine development, and ventilation. He is proficient with numerous software systems including Deswik, Ventsim, MineSched and Vulcan.

Mr. Robinson has previously worked as a project manager; been a blaster/shotfirer in surface and underground operations; managed technical and operations teams at development-stage projects and operational sites, and performed operations due diligence audits.

James Pearson, P.Eng.

James Pearson is a registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario with over 40 years of extensive operating, development, consulting, contracting and financial experience in the mining industry. Mr. Pearson has held senior level engineering and management positions at large and small scale underground operations and has worked in a consulting capacity on numerous projects and operations in Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Africa and Russia.

As a consultant Mr. Pearson has completed a number of assignments including detailed mine design and cost reviews, site engineering and supervision, life-of-mine operating plans, Feasibility Studies, NI 43-101 compliant technical reports, resource and reserve audits, valuations and scheduling for the mining industry. His mine contracting experience includes the management of production and development projects, shaft sinking, and cost estimating. Additionally, he has an excellent knowledge of project financing and the business aspects of project development having worked as a mining analyst for several Canadian brokerage firms.

Ken Kuchling, M.Eng., P.Eng.

Ken Kuchling is a mining engineer with over 35 years experience mainly encompassing open pit mining. He has worked in mining operations and in the consulting industry, with commodities such as gold, copper, potash, diamonds, oil sands, bauxite, tungsten, nickel, molybdenum, and industrial minerals. He has had direct involvement in scoping and Feasibility Studies, NI 43-101 Technical Reports, mine design, permitting, geotechnical engineering, tailings design, hydrogeology, and equipment selection. His equipment experience includes truck & shovel, dredging, large walking draglines, bucket wheel excavators & conveyor systems, and underground continuous mining systems.

Mr. Kuchling has been involved in the evaluation of early stage and advanced stage opportunities on behalf of clients, including due diligence reviews, technical evaluation of data, site visits, preliminary financial modeling and "what-if" economic analyses. He has assisted clients in developing corporate strategies for studying, advancing, or selling projects. Globally his involvement includes projects in Canada, United States, Suriname, Russia, Korea, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Senegal, and Papua New Guinea, with experience ranging from Arctic to tropical conditions.

Arun Basu, Ph.D. (Director of Technical Services)

Dr. Arun J. Basu is well experienced in the area of strategic planning related to Preliminary Economic Assessments and Feasibility Studies of mining and mineral projects. He is also an Adjunct Professor at University of Toronto teaching Ventilation and Occupational Health, in the Mineral Engineering Program. Prior to joining P&E, he served JNE Consulting Ltd. (Hamilton, ON, Canada) in the capacity of Director, Industrial and Infrastructure Ventilation Systems.

Dr. Basu has over 30 years of experience in Civil, Structural, and Mining Engineering (with specialties in pit optimization and production scheduling). He also served as RioTinto Lecturer in Mining engineering (1999-2004) at Royal School of Mines (RSM), Imperial College London (UK) and as Senior Lecturer in Mining Engineering (1994-1999) at Western Australian School of Mines (WASM), Curtin University of Technology, Kalgoorlie, WA, (Australia).

Kirk Rodgers, P.Eng.

Mr. Rodgers is a mining engineer with over 45 years of mineral industry experience. Prior to joining P&E in 2010, Mr. Rodgers was a Principal at Golder Associates Ltd., where he established a North American mineral resource and project evaluation group. Between 1994 and 2005, Mr. Rodgers worked as a Senior Mineral Industry Consultant with Micon International Ltd., Toronto, where he was involved in technical evaluations of underground and open pit mines, project appraisals, due diligence reviews and providing technical support to mines and projects.

Mr. Rodgers has held a variety of senior engineering, mining contracting, consulting and mine operations positions, up to the level of General Manager. He has been involved in all facets of mine design and operations engineering, on projects in more than twenty countries, including mines in Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and North and South America. In his mining contracting and consulting career, he has visited more than 100 underground and open pit mines and is considered an expert in mining methodologies and costs.

Grant Feasby, M.Sc., P.Eng.

Mr. Feasby is a metallurgical engineer with operating experience in base metal, uranium, precious metals and bauxite mining industries. He has acquired extensive mine-related environmental management expertise while working in these industries, as well as at a national mineral process development facility and in managing government-industry research programs on tailings.

Mr. Feasby is a registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario. For the last 14 years, as a consultant, he has drawn on his unique combination of metallurgical and environmental expertise to provide expertise to a wide range of mining, industrial, domestic and institutional clients in Canada and abroad. An additional area of expertise, developed over many years, is the management of mineral-based radioactivity; this has been the focus of recently provided expertise for diverse metal mining and rare-earth metallurgical projects.

He has contributed to metallurgical, environmental and infrastructure sections as a Qualified Person for NI 43-101-compliant Technical Reports as well providing expert inputs to mineral resource based Preliminary Economic Assessments.

Ganesh Guntur, P.Eng.

Mr. Guntur is a mining engineer with 25 years experience in engineering and operations of underground mines. The main areas of his work in underground mines include selection of mining method, drilling and blasting design, mine ventilation design, shaft sinking and instrumentation of stopes for ground control. Technical assignments have been in Canada, India, France and Indonesia.

Mr. Guntur currently specializes in open pit and underground mine design and production scheduling for small to large scale worldwide projects for gold, silver, PGM and base metal deposits. He is proficient with the operation of Datamine, Gemcom, Autocad and Excel software.

Nickoli Parcher, P.Eng.

Mr. Parcher is a professional mining engineer with over five years of underground and open pit experience. He has experience with PGM, gold, silver, and base metals deposits throughout North and Central America. He specializes in the selection of fixed and mobile equipment, logistics optimization, and database design and management.

Mr. Parcher has previously held technical services roles including ventilation, survey, design, and short- and long-term planning. Additionally, he has operations experience in contractor and project management, operations coordination, implementation of automated systems, stockpile management and processing facility optimization.

Yungang Wu, M.Sc., P.Geo.

Yungang Wu is a professional geologist with more than 25 years experience in mineral resource estimation, exploration and mining in China and Canada. He has worked in mining operations and in the consulting industry on diamond, gold, copper, silver, zinc, lead, iron. He has involved in exploration project management, resource estimation, mineral project evaluation, due diligence, and NI 43-101 Technical Reports.

Mr. Wu specializes in resource modeling using Gemcom and Datamine software, grade control and mineral exploration, including project management, planning, desk top studies, sampling, logging, drilling and interpretation.

William (Bill) Stone, Ph.D., M.Sc., P.Geo.

Dr. William (Bill) Stone is an economic geologist with over 30 years of experience in the mining and exploration industry in North America and overseas. Bill has worked in senior geological and executive management roles for senior producers (WMC Resources Ltd), mid-tier mining companies (LAC Minerals and North American Palladium), and junior exploration companies (Magma Metals, Geoinformatics and International Metals Group) with precious and base metal projects across Canada and in Alaska, Australia, Mexico, Europe and Africa.

Dr. Stone specializes in 2D/3D modelling and interpretation of gold, nickel-copper-cobalt (PGM) sulphide, platinum group metal and zinc-lead-copper mineral deposits, in a wide variety geological settings and mining operations. Bill is currently an economic geology consultant providing project generation, exploration and modelling services to the mining and exploration industry.

Dr. Richard Sutcliffe, P.Geo. (Sr. Geological Advisor)

Dr. Sutcliffe is a professional geologist with over 35 years of experience in geological surveys, mineral exploration and mining projects, including executive management and director positions with publically traded mineral exploration and mining companies. He has been involved in numerous resource and reserve estimates for gold, PGM and base metal projects, as well as Preliminary Economic Assessments, Prefeasibility and Feasibility studies.

Dr. Sutcliffe's experience spans a wide range of geological environments, most specifically with igneous rocks and Nickel-Copper-PGM deposits. In addition, he has significant experience in property acquisition, exploration programs, financing, permitting, off-take contracts, and mergers and acquisitions.

Antoine Yassa, P.Geo.

Mr. Yassa is a professional Geologist with more than 35 years experience in the exploration of precious and base metals, uranium and industrial minerals. He has specialized for the last 15 years in 3D modelling, database management and QA/QC supervision.

During his career, Mr. Yassa has worked in Canada, Russia, Central Asia and in West African countries. He has been involved in various project stages from grass-roots exploration to production. He has held positions as senior geologist, QA/QC supervisor, database manager as well as resource evaluation senior geologist. Some of the projects in which he was involved with at Placer Dome are open-pit optimization at Dome Mine in Timmins, Prefeasibility on Vasilskovskoye in Kazakhstan and Prefeasibility of Samira Hill in Niger. While employed with McWatters Mining, he worked on block modeling and resource evaluation of the Sigma Mine and Kiena Mine in Abitibi, Québec. For Bema Gold Mr. Yassa managed the databases, QAQC and resource evaluation at Julietta Mine in Far-East Russia. Mr. Yassa is a highly proficient Gemcom software user.

Fred Brown, M.Sc. (Eng), P.Geo., RM-SME

Mr. Brown is a professional mining geologist with over 30 years experience in mineral resources, including alluvial, open-pit and underground operations. He is a Qualified Person/Competent Person (QP/CP) with respect to gold, silver, PGEs, base metals, molybdenum, diamonds, industrial minerals and other commodities.

His experience includes operational management, Feasibility Studies, due diligence audits, mine evaluation, Mineral Resource estimation, exploration, GIS and spatial analysis, and deposit modeling. Mr. Brown is proficient with multiple software platforms, and has a working knowledge of Spanish, Russian and Afrikaans.

Mr. Brown specializes in the modeling of complex deposits, and has authored multiple National Instrument 43-101 and SK-1300 Technical Reports as a Qualified Person.

Charles Spath, M.Sc., P.Geo.

Charles Spath is a professional geologist with 10 years of experience in the mining, mineral exploration and mineral resource estimation in South Africa, Mexico, Canada and the USA. He has been involved with mining and exploration projects in silver, gold, zinc, copper, lead, nickel, and platinum.

Mr. Spath specializes in geological modelling, resource estimation, and drill planning using Leapfrog Edge and Datamine software, as well as project management, production geology, sampling, logging and drilling.

Through previous employment as a mining and exploration geologist for Hecla, Newmont and Vale, Mr. Spath has a strong technical and operational background, and have managed multimillion dollar underground and surface exploration/resource delineation drilling campaigns.

David Burga, P.Geo.

Mr. Burga is a geologist with 15 years experience in mining exploration and environmental projects. He has worked on precious metal, base metal and diamond projects in northern Ontario, Quebec, Northwest Territories, Mexico, Peru and Chile and is fluent in Spanish.

Mr. Burga was previously involved with managing the Chilean operations of a Canadian junior exploration company and brings his project management experience to P&E. He has co-authored numerous NI 43-101 technical reports.

Jarita Barry, P.Geo.

Ms. Barry has over 15 years experience since obtaining her degree in geology, gaining field experience in various exploration projects located within Canada, Mexico, Ecuador and Peru. She has worked on early to late stage exploration projects, investigating gold, silver, base metal and uranium mineralization.

Ms. Barry has specialized in GIS and has also been heavily involved in and ran quality control programs for various drilling exploration projects. She has also built, managed and 'cleaned-up' small and large exploration databases to comply with NI 43-101 standards. Ms. Barry has also been involved in NI 43-101 technical report writing.

Brian Ray, M.Sc., P.Geo.

Brian Ray is a professional geologist with more than 30 years experience in mineral industry consulting and exploration of precious and base metals. Mr. Ray has held a senior level exploration and management positions at large and small scale underground operations and exploration projects for: Newmont Mining, Barrick Gold, Miramar Mining, Sandspring Resources and various junior exploration companies in North and South America, and Europe.

Mr. Ray specializes in resource and geological modeling using Gemcom, Leapfrog, IoGas and GIS software. He has authored and co-authored numerous NI 43-101 Technical Reports as a Qualified Person. Mr. Ray has a working knowledge of Russian, Serbo-Croatian and Bulgarian.

Paul Pitman, P.Geo.

Mr. Pitman has over 50 years of experience as an exploration geologist. From 1969 to 1983 he worked for three major mining companies - Gulf Minerals, Union Miniere of Belgium and BP Resources Canada on a number of commodities including uranium, base metals, tin-tungsten, and gold & silver. Since 1983 he has acted as a geological consultant to over 70 clients, providing a full range of services (geological, corporate, and administrative).

Mr. Pitman was a former director, officer (vice president) and/or president of several junior resource companies: (Boreal Agrominerals Inc., Nuinsco Resources, Phoenix Matchewan, Patrician Diamonds, Pueblo Minerals Inc., Red Ore Gold, Ur-Energy, Aura Silver Resources, Coniagas Resources, Olivut Resources).